Does Michael Scott have autism

Is Michael Scott autistic?

Michael Scott is a fictional character portrayed by Steve Carrell on the NBC television series The Office.  He is the regional manager of paper company Dunder-Mifflin.  There has been speculation that he may be on the autism spectrum, due to his idiosyncratic way of managing his staff,  his poor social skills, and his lack of empathy.  Many of the laughs on the show are due to misunderstandings caused by Michael’s inability to see situations from another’s point of view.  He also has a strong need to be in control.  It is possible that Michael Scott is on the autism spectrum.

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One thought on “Does Michael Scott have autism”

  1. No, he’s not.

    He has Narcistic Personality Disorder probably. Often confused with autism because of some of the same characteristics.

    Look again at the Office and you will notice that he constantly wants to be in the center of attention and he’s bragging about stuff he’s not even good at. He also lacks responsibility. He keeps hurting everyone around him and the doesn’t even care.

    That’s why he is a good salesman. He’s not neccesarely socially akward, he can be very social. But his narcissism affects him.

    No, he’s not autistic at all. A loner with NPD.

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