Does Birth Control Cause Autism?

Is conceiving while on birth control or taking a birth control pill a possible cause of autism?

Many people have become curious about the possibility that hormonal birth control could be a contributing factor for autism.  This idea mainly comes from the reasoning that the use of hormonal birth control has become pervasive in the past thirty years and that during this time there has been a boom in autism diagnoses.  Currently, there is no known correlation between the use of hormonal birth control and an autism diagnosis.  This is because there have been no published studies done on the topic.  While there is no conclusive proof that birth control doesn’t cause autism, readers shouldn’t be worried if they’re using their birth control correctly.  Hormonal birth control has been used safely since the sixties and isn’t known to cause problems in children born to mothers who have used it.  The recent surge in autism diagnoses has occurred since the 1980’s.  Additionally, there is some debate as to whether the recent boom in autism diagnoses is more due to “discovery” and diagnosis of more children who are autistic than an actual rise in the disease’s occurrence.

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