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Autism is a disability, which does not let the brain to work and function properly. It usually appears during early childhood years. The affected people not only faces problems in communication but also faces lots of issues in performing day to say activities like playing games and even social interaction. The basic cause and treatment of autism is still not clear but there are certain considerable areas. It is strongly believed that 1 out of 100 people has autism and mostly it is found in the people of Wales, Northern Ireland, Scotland and England.

Autism Research Institute (ARI) is a non-profit organization that was founded by Bernard Rimland in 1967. Through years of research, the institute has been able to claim that autism can be treated with the help of modified behavior and this is the reason why Defeat Autism Now (DAN) conference is held each year. Autism can be defeated and treated in good way, if the treatment is started early.

Causes of Autism

Although medical practitioners are not sure about the main cause but there are lots of things on which researchers are working. Vaccines, food or other allergies, difference in structure of brain, environment, and atmosphere, deficiency of immunes or minerals and genetic inheritance are under consideration. Autism can be caused by any or all of the above-mentioned causes. Therefore, the research in DFA is undergoing to identify its causes as well as find the ways to tackle with them.


The symptoms of Autism start to appear by the age of one year or 18 months. There are many symptoms to leading autism including verbal & non-verbal communication issues as well as difficulty in social interactions. Autistic people are not only extra sensitive but also they show repeated body actions and extraordinary attachment to objects. They hesitate talking to others or starting discussion on any topic.


The behavior of autistic people is bit different, as they may only talk if something is related to their interest. No doubt, they have a lot of information in the subject of their interest. They may not understand what other people say whilst they may be good in remembering. There is possibility that they do not like to play with others rather prefer to play the same game again and again especially games which can be played alone, such as video game etc.

Tests & Exams

The pediatricians (baby doctor) should examine the developmental approach of all the children. If a child does not babble or start waving by the age of 12 months, does not start speaking a single word by the age of 16 or lose social interaction along with communication skills at any age then it is an indicator of further testing and may be a start of Defeat Autism Now.


As soon as you find autism characteristics in your child, go for the treatment. There are many therapies including occupational therapy, speech therapy, play therapy and physical therapy etc that can be helpful if started at early age or stage. The treatment plan is made by an individual specialist or team of specialists. Moreover, the treatment plan may consist of any or all of above-mentioned therapies.

Children with Autism

As autism starts appearing from childhood, so you can diagnose it yourself and start treatment. Although there are some medicines which can be helpful but there isn’t any recognized medicine that can totally lift up the disease. Start with acting as dumb, for example if you are in the market with your child and he/she ask for snacks, pretend, as you do not understand what your child is asking for; this will help your child to communicate.  Moreover, if a child want to do something on his/her own, let them try and last but not the least speak to them politely and involve little bit of humor as well.

Seek Medical Assistance

At times, there can be some difference in the behavior of a child but that is not enough evidence to declare him autistic. Watch the activities and once you become sure of suspicious activities and you think that your child is not growing or performing activities like a normal kid then it’s time to take advice from a professional doctor.

What DAN Doctors Suggests

Many DAN doctors believe that autism can be controlled without medicines. According to them, counseling with psychiatrists is the only way to control the behavior of autistic people. They also prescribe that autistic persons shall be given special diet which is free of gluten and dairy. Vitamins, essential acids containing fats and mineral can also be helpful and used as a treatment.


Autism can be linked up with other mental disorders for example Fragile X syndrome, Mental retardation, and Tuberous sclerosis. Autistic people may catch something or someone using force which may create tension for parents, other family members or caretakers but it doesn’t mean to ignore them as they are in a condition where extra care is required.

Defeat Autism Now

People with autism may be poor in coordination or interaction with other people but at the same time, they may be good in arts, music or even mathematics. So let them do what they want. Do not try to Cure them Only, try to Understand them. Although it is hard to make them live the life of a normal person, but with a little more attention and care you can let them Defeat Autism and lead a peaceful life.

The Hippocratic oath every parents should take.


  1. Autism is no more a disease that being gay is. But being a bigot is a very serious illness. I’d suggest you get help urgently.

    1. You confuse disease with one’s true self. The symptoms associated with Autism are disease. They cause significant harm and suffering to the individuals effected and their families. One has disease, they are not the disease themselves. You are supporting a theory that has no merit, as if people really are Autistic in their trueself, a recovery would not be possible. I am against discrimination and ABA. Your comments are a form of bigotry. Thanks to the great work of people like the one’s providing the information on this site, many children have been able to recover from Autism through nutrition, detoxification and healing their gut.

  2. Defeat Autism Now was closed down in 2011 with good reason. – There’s no cure for autism and anybody who tries to sell you a cure is lying, or very ill informed. – Can you cure neurotypicals so that they are autistic? No? The same goes for curing Autism. No matter how hard you try or how much bleach you make us drink, there’s no cure.

  3. I feel sad for the commentors here. That is such old school/old world/non progressive thinking that it exists in a world where nothing will ever change. I have engaged with child after child who, after early intervention therapy and diet change/system cleaning, have changed their realities massively.
    This isn’t a statement that autism can be cured..or that we know what it is…we don’t. But to think parents shouldn’t try to make a difference for their child, for something that science doesn’t have answers to…that’s just dumb.

  4. I was involved with DAN back in the early 2000’s and I witnessed dozens of kids getting healed from the DAN protocal. They were run out of business because they were healing autism and Big Pharma, along with many politicians didn’t like this. Back then I thought it was a corrupt system, today I see that it goes way beyond that. People wake up please.

  5. People who say there’s no cure don’t understand was curing is. It’s not an overnight or even a near term change, some cases seem that way, but it’s selfless compassion, patience, EFFORT, creativity, changing your attitude and approach. Results will vary, but what you can get out of it is better than not taking ownership of the situation. I cannot speak for everyone, just my boy, I wouldn’t trade him. His soul, his happiness and his little ways of impressing us are worth exponentially well more than it’s weight in gold.

    1. I am so Glad that you love your kid unconditionally. Thank you for being YOU. Please Please Please continue loving your kid.

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