Autism by Race Statistics

Shocking autism statistics worldwide The alarming facts about the United States, autism is one of the fastest growing developmental disorders.  What is the chance of having an autistic child? According to the National Institute of Mental Health, on average, 11 out of every 1000 children is diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder.  This is quite alarming, since… Continue reading Autism by Race Statistics

Autism tattoos gallery

We have gathered tattoo images from net about Autism. Autism tattoos quotes, Autism awareness tattoos, Autism tattoos Autism Tattoos If you have any tattoos ideas on autism, please share with us. We will accept pictures of permanent and temporary stencil tattoos for autism, for dads, moms, teachers, for autism awareness groups. However no adult content.

Best Autism Quotes

 Top quotes for autism Inspirational quotes for autism “Acceptance of difference is more important than achieving normalcy. Tolerance is not good enough because it demands change or at least movement toward an external norm.”-Unknown “I feel life is a journey and we all have to learn to ride the storm, for some of us it… Continue reading Best Autism Quotes

Flashcards for autism

What is a flash card? Children who are diagnosed with autism quite often have poor communication skills,  Tools, such as photo language cards or flashcards, can help increase an autistic child’s vocabulary, improve communication skills and promote language development.  Here are the top 20 flash cards that have effectively improved language building among children with… Continue reading Flashcards for autism

Scalp Acupuncture And Autism

It has been proven that scalp massage effects the dispersement of endorphins in the brain.  Women and men alike receive pleasurable stimulations when the scalp is rubbed rotationally from the temples to the base of the neck.  People who sit in a salon or barber chair for a shampoo and cut are immediately relaxed. While… Continue reading Scalp Acupuncture And Autism

Tongue Acupuncture And Autism

Parents who have children with autism will go to strange lengths sometimes to help their children out of behavioral problems.  Acupuncture is definitely one  of them, because most autistic kids aren’t just going to sit still and allow a stranger to insert needles into their body.  Given that it is illegal to hold someone down… Continue reading Tongue Acupuncture And Autism

Why You Should Earn a Certificate in Behavioral Intervention & Autism

This certification program in most states requires that the student already have a Bachelor’s degree in a related field.  Teaching, counseling , special education, etc., are all examples of the types of Bachelor’s degrees that are accepted and expected prior to enrollment.  The courses include three to five classroom courses, depending on the state and… Continue reading Why You Should Earn a Certificate in Behavioral Intervention & Autism

Weighted Therapy Devices For Autism

Children with autism have trouble with touch and sensation.  Their nerves do not respond in the same way as other people’s and subsequently a lot of special devices have been created to help them in this area.  Depending on the child’s need for this kind of therapy, there are a lot of choices  which leave… Continue reading Weighted Therapy Devices For Autism

“Discover” The Latest On Autism Research

It’s always exciting to hear about the different kinds of research conducted for medicine and disorders, including and especially for, autism.  In October’s issue of Discover magazine, an article summary on the front page caught my eye. “Brain-Bending Research: Treating autism, Alzheimer’s and stroke by re-wiring neural circuitry.” I immediately flipped to it and settled… Continue reading “Discover” The Latest On Autism Research

Social Skills and Peers – Teaching the “Grey Area” to Your Autistic Child

Social skills are perhaps the most difficult area for any child with autism.  Even the ones who are really high functioning are often diagnosed as having autism because this is the one defining trait across the spectrum that does not change.  Unfortunately for most parents, it is also the most difficult to teach. Because children… Continue reading Social Skills and Peers – Teaching the “Grey Area” to Your Autistic Child