Can those with autism join the military, army or police?

The answer to this question is more than a simple “yes” or “no”. It really depends on what type of autism we are dealing with, so the answer is very situation bound.

There are some types of autism that are so physically debilitating that joining the military or army or police would absolutely be out of the question. People confined to wheelchairs who are highly functioning may qualify for desk jobs, however they would not be fit for combat. Those with Augmented and Alternative Communication devices in use because of their inability to communicate verbally may not be eligible for even these jobs.

One gray area is the question of whether or not those with asperger’s, a milder form of autism, are eligible to join the military. It depends on the extent of their autism and how highly functioning they are. If a person with aspergers is very highly functioning, they may even be fit for combat. If a person with aspergers, however, is so severely debilitated that their daily lives are taken over by the illness, they may not be eligible. For example, a person with aspergers who also has an obsessive compulsive disorder.

Generally, those with autism do not opt to join the military, and are generally not accepted if they do. However, there are these few exceptions.

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    1. For all of those who want to join the military and have high functioning-autism or aspergers, don’t give up. As long as you don’t have a criminal history or need treatment for your condition, you can probably join the military, just score the best you can on the ASVAB and make sure your medical records match what you tell your recruiter and you 100 percent honest at the military entrence processing station. I have aspergers myself I wish to one day join the marine corps , I’m able learn at the pace as most people, keep calm in dangerous and stressful situations and I enjoy working out. Although I struggle with my social skills and I have a limited range of intrests, typical of someone on the spectrum.

      1. Your post is from 4 years ago. Have you since joined the Marines? I have a special interest because my son is diagnosed with mild ASD and really wants to join and serve. The description you have provided describes him. I’d really appreciate your feed back. INFO: He plays the trumpet and hopes to fill a position as a military band member. Thank-you!

        1. Hello Ms. Gomez, As far as I know the information has not changed. You should contact military recruiter to find out more.
          Best Luck,

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