Can autistic people be homosexual?

When it comes to sexuality, the autism spectrum seems to play a great role. For example, there are many more autistic adults that are asexual than there are in the general population. Asexuality is a sexual orientation where the individual lacks an interest in sexual activity with any other individual, male or female.

Now, when there is an evident interest in sexual partners, studies claim that there are a slightly higher percentage of homosexuals among autistic people than within the rest of the community. It is believed that this is because autistic individuals can find a more satisfying relationship within the homosexual community because they are open, accepting, and do not demand the person to conform in any way.

In the area of heterosexuality, autistic girls tend to have an advantage on the men when it comes to successful long term relationships. This could very well be due to the fact that men are societally expected to initiate contact, while the girl only has to reciprocate. Autism attacks the social and communication skills of the individual; therefore actually approaching anyone for anything, especially in an already awkward situation as this, is near impossible for the autistic male.

When the contact is finally made and the connection is established, the success rate is much higher in the relationships that contain both autistic individuals. However this does not often occur because there is a much higher ratio of autistic males to females. Any sexuality that may happen in the autistic individuals life, will likely take root later on in adulthood.

Romantic and sexual connections are hard on everyone. Dating is uncomfortable, confusing, and nerve wrecking. For that reason, and many others, a lot of autistic people choose celibacy and stray from relationships all together. They find themselves feeling a genuine lack of desire for that physical contact, and focus on what they deem as more important things in life.

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  1. This article is terribly misinformed, over-simple and dull. I am gay and autistic and neither are socially fun or a personal choice.

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