Autism Vs. Einstein Syndrome

This is a very interesting topic, indeed.  It almost pokes fun at both disorders at once because it assumes there is a connection when there is not.  Although both children with autism and Einstein syndrome are thought to be exceptionally bright and/ or gifted, it is much more common with Einstein syndrome for kids to begin talking as late as age 5 and still be able to understand a lot more intellectually before they speak.

Whether or not there is any validity to the existence of Einstein syndrome is entirely another subject.  Some psychologists say it doesn’t exist and the gifted are just another part of the “autistic savant” spectrum.  A few more argue that it is a real and separate disorder.  Regardless of which side of the argument parents may lean toward, one thing is certain; speech therapy is necessary to help their children communicate.

As their children begin to communicate better, they can take tests which ascertain their level of intelligence as well as giftedness.  An updated diagnosis from these tests could move a child over from the autism spectrum to the “misunderstood and gifted spectrum”, particularly if the tests reveal that the child clearly understands things that are above his or her current level/ grade of expected knowledge.  A particularly high score in intellectual tests would definitely indicate that a child is a “genius”, but children with autism can be exceptionally bright and gifted, solely by definition of what autism is and the spectrum it covers.

Usually exceptionally bright parents or gifted parents produce equally bright and gifted children with genetics playing a large role.  Sometimes these paired parents create children who are even more intelligent and gifted than themselves; it was this particular topic that world leaders have been interested in throughout time, and which has proven itself as very real.  Whether or not that makes everyone who is gifted and bright also autistic, well, that is up to you to decide on your own.

1). Can a child with autism play sports?
2). Can autistic people compete in sports, Special Olympics or Paralympics?
3). Can autistic people be smart?


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