My autistic son is out of control

My autistic son is out of control. What do I do

“I need some advice. My autistic son, is entirely out of control, no matter what we do, we cant get him to stop knocking his own teeth out, kicking his grandmother, whom has a lot of health issues, making himself throw up, hurting himself, hurting his brother and fighting with parents. My head is spinning, we have tried community mental health with no success, I have him enrolled with Easter seals but not for another 3 days.

My autistic son is out of control

Does anyone have any experiences with taking your child to an emergency room? If so, can you tell me, what all happens? Thanks in advance for any help and support.”

You have to get to the heart of the problem. Is your son in need of more stimulation than is currently in his environment? Some kids on the spectrum crave MORE stimulation and will do hurtful things to themselves and others to get that sense of pain or pressure. The opposite is also true–Gavin may need less stimulation than what is currently in his environment. Reduce noise, reduce visual stimulation (blank walls, no decorations, no color except maybe green, which has shown to be very calming even to people who are neurotypicals), reduce smells (does Grandma wear too much perfume?), etc.

Taking him to the E.R. will result in two things–either the doctors will ask to place your son on a 72-hour observation hold and then send him back home with you, or the police and CPS will be called to undermine your parental authority because a doctor thinks you can’t handle your kid and you don’t know what you are doing. Neither of these options resolves what is actually going on with your son, and you have to figure it out by either reducing or increasing his stimulation. It’s often best to reduce stim first, because increasing stim in an already overstimmed child could result in some very dangerous situations. Only after you have attempted to create a “padded, quiet room” at home should you attempt to increase stimulation, slowly, to see if that helps instead.

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  1. What I suggest is to do any natural responses that help your child calm down as the ER will checmially restraint your child if out of control .This is terrifying for the child and yourself and as the first answer says solves nothing for your child .

  2. I wouldn’t take your son to the ER, they will admit him to the nearest mental health facility with a pediatric ward. It accomplishes nothing. All they do is try different medications and often tend to over medicate children. There is no environmental therapy, and does not observe children in the environment they have their outbursts in. Try a tablet or Ipad with different autism apps. The autistic child’s brain runs faster than a normal brain and makes it tough for an autistic child to communicate his/her feelings. Add some learning games to the tablet, this can help preoccupying him/her when a meltdown is about to happen. Also, Legos and Art are great diversion tactics as well. My son is on the Autism Spectrum and has frequent meltdowns, temper flairs and tends to destroy property and anything he can throw. This does help him along with some background music to create a brain diversion.

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