Sensory Integration Disorder

What exactly is sensory integration disorder? In defining any disorder, it is important to clearly delineate what exactly are the symptoms, causes of and prognosis of anyone who has received this diagnosis for themselves, or most likely for their children. First let us ask what are the symptoms that characterize sensory integration disorder? Sensory integration… Continue reading Sensory Integration Disorder

Autism vs Mental Retardation

What is the difference between mental retardation and autism? I guess the simplest way to delineate the difference between the two is to define what each condition is. Mental retardation, by the way, is not a diagnosis used much by medical professionals anymore. It requires a score on a standardized intelligence test, at least two… Continue reading Autism vs Mental Retardation

Assistive Technology For Children With Autism

Within the last fifty years, children with special needs have gained enormous grounds with civil rights and general knowledge and understanding in the public eye. What’s more, autism has not only become more easily recognized and diagnosed but technology has grown to the point where adaptive and assistive devices break through the autism barrier to… Continue reading Assistive Technology For Children With Autism

Assistance For Children With Autism

Financial And Community Supports For Children With Autism Having a child with autism can be such a difficult thing for parents. You love that child because they are your own flesh and blood, but that child may or may not be able to return that affection or even eye contact. They may shirk and shy… Continue reading Assistance For Children With Autism

Respite Care Information for Children with Autism

Challenges Vs. Self-care Having a child with autism is often very challenging. Parents, while they work to understand and deal with and take care of a special needs child, also need to find the balance wherein they care for themselves. Loving parents often feel guilty for this, but they shouldn’t. If a parent doesn’t care… Continue reading Respite Care Information for Children with Autism

DSM IV Criteria For Autism

Parents who want to know more about the autism spectrum but simply don’t shelve a copy of the DSM IV (the “bible” for psychologists and psychiatrists) in their public library don’t have to look far. You can check out a copy from your local library, or just sit and page through it if the library… Continue reading DSM IV Criteria For Autism

Characteristics of Autism

Children are diagnosed with autism each and every day. In fact, it is the fastest growing developmental disability in the country. This can be largely due to the fact that the characteristics of autism are more well known today than they were years ago. What are some of the characteristics of autism? It is important… Continue reading Characteristics of Autism

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What are the types of autism spectrum disorder(ASD) is considered very rare?

Rare Co-occurences of Common Autism Spectrum Diagnosis For a short while I worked as an Autism Line Therapist. This really aided my sight into the field and allowed for me to be more accepting of my own children’s issues with the autism spectrum. Although there really isn’t a rare type of the disorder, there are… Continue reading What are the types of autism spectrum disorder(ASD) is considered very rare?

Kids With Autism

Children with autism are unique in every sense of the word; no two children with autism are exactly alike. Each and every one of them has his or her own set of skills that shine a light on what they know and how they think. Autism was thought to be just a boys’ developmental disorder… Continue reading Kids With Autism

Pervasive Developmental Disorder

What is Pervasive Developmental Disorder What was once thought to be a more rare condition is fast growing in diagnosis across the country. Specifically, pervasive development disorders are part and parcel of the autism spectrum, and are influencing the way we teach children and diagnose them sooner rather than later. Such disorders include Asperger’s, autism/autism… Continue reading Pervasive Developmental Disorder