Is Nonny from Bubble Guppies autistic

Nonny is a male character on the TV cartoon show “Bubble Guppies”. A children’s show (naturally), it is seen by children around the world and is a favorite. Nonny is a quiet, shy brainiac who is always first when it comes to answering difficult questions. He does not like crowds and shies away from contact. He does seem to have some of the signs of autism, but his intelligence would suggest that he is very high functioning if this is true. Of course, the writers of the show could be trying to express that children are different and a smart, shy kid is always one of the gang.

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2 thoughts on “Is Nonny from Bubble Guppies autistic”

  1. Most people with Autism are incredibly intelligent reguardless of how “functional” they are. Just saying. The fact that he is more functional than others is not necessarily a sign of intelligence or lack there of. The same goes for those who are less functioning.

    1. As a teacher of children with autism I agree. I have many of my students who can do work on and above their grade level but due to the behaviors that they exhibit that are from their autism they can only function in my SDC. I have a non-verbal student who is very intelligent.

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