Is Lorde autistic?

Ladyhawke has Asperger’s syndrome?

Lorde is a 17 year-old girl from New Zealand who recently took the music world by storm with her hit song Royals. Her debut album, Pure Heroine, went to number one in Canada, Australia, the United States, and New Zealand.  She is known for dressing in a “goth” fashion, favoring dark, flowing dresses, long black hair, and dark red lipstick.  Her hit song, Royals, pokes fun at the extravagance and overindulgence of the music world.  She often comes across as sarcastic in interviews, which would indicate that she is probably not on the autism spectrum.

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4 thoughts on “Is Lorde autistic?”

  1. Funny thing, I am an autistic adult and most of the other autistic adults and myself have the ability to be sarcastic. Do you not actually know any or something? That alone isn’t an indicator of autism or not anyway, for a website supposedly about autism you seem to lack basics.

  2. Many autistics don’t get when people are being sarcastic or quite know when sarcasm is or isn’t appropriate, but I have to say that the among the fellow autistics I know are some of the most sarcasm-literate people I’ve ever encountered.

    In fact, the use of sarcasm where one is expected to follow a certain decorum might actually be an indicator of autism.

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